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Do We Apologize Too Much?

Hello loves!

So recently I was browsing through a couple of blogs that had been recommend to me and I stumbled across this blog where the author had just done a post on whether we apologize too much or not. Now I'm going to be honest and say that I am definitely not one of those people who watch TED talks and listen to inspirational podcasts and I had never thought about writing a blog post like this. But something about this post intrigued me and I decided to give it a shot and do my own spin on this topic. So here goes nothing!

Do we apologize too much?
I don't know about other countries, but let me tell you, in the UK the people here apologize so much... Especially women.

The word sorry doesn't even mean anything more! People tend to use it in jokes or use it in banter but when people intend to use it purposefully they just say it and move on without doing anything else!

When do I tend to apologize?
The place where I see myself apologizing the most is at school. Sometimes I apologize at school when I bump into someone at the corridor or the doorway. Sometimes I apologize when I get in peoples way. Sometime I even apologize to teachers for incomplete homework!

'Express regret for something that one has done wrong' - Google's Definition Of Apologizing

Personally, I don't apologize every day but if you ever come across someone constantly saying sorry, stop them and say "There was no need to apologize! You haven't done anything wrong!"

When is apologizing difficult?
Sometimes apologizing can be hard. Everyone has had to apologize at some point in their life and truthfully. As humans, we hate to be wrong and when we have to admit to someone in real life that we have done something wrong can be tough! We just have to realize what we have done is wrong and live up to it.


How often do you find yourself apologizing? Do you find it difficult sometimes to say sorry? Let me know in the comments below!

Relatable Resting Bitch Face Problems

Hey lovelies!

Lil' Honest Update: I know I've not been posting in a while, and let me be honest and say that I'm extremely sorry, I mean with school and exams and all that I just never really get time to blog. I'm going to try and blog more often though I won't guarantee anything!

Anyways, I had recently written a guest post for a blog, where the author of that blog told me to write a post on a topic which I felt strongly about. At first I thought about writing about either a post on fashion or beauty. But after a while of thinking I thought to myself, 'no, I want to write a post that I 100% feel passionate for'... So I wrote a post on only things people with a resting bitch face would understand and since I loved that post so much I decided to publish it onto my blog, so I guess here we go!

I've had a resting bitch face for practically as long as I can remember, but it never really came to my attention until it came to secondary school... Now for those who don't know what a resting bitch face is (otherwise abbreviated as RBF), according to the Urban Dictionary it is when you constantly have a mean, expressionless look on your face when you don't actually mean to.

You see I was I guess naturally born with a RBF, ever since I was born I've had this issue with my teeth and my jaw structure called an underbite which basically mean my lower set of teeth overlap my upper set of teeth, unlike normal children.

What I'm basically trying to say is that my jaw naturally sticks out meaning that I always look grumpy as hell. I'm so sick and tired of people asking me if I'm okay or telling me to smile, because most of the time I'm fine. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels like this. I want to share with you  things that only people with a RBF will understand, so enjoy!

• Your mad face and happy face are the same
It’s hard to make new friends because they already think you’re a bitch. I’m really not! Honest!

• 9/10 times, people ask you if you’re feeling okay. Like, yeah I'm fine thanks...
You're think you're having a good day and you look happy and normal until someone catches a glimpse of you and asks you if you're having a good day... Like woah, do I really look that miserable?

 People always tell you ‘cheer up! It can’t be that bad’
All emotions blur into one mean scowl

 You constantly look like you’re in a bad mood
You fear that in the future you will scare away the love of your life with your RBF

 When you do smile for photos, it just looks forced and weird
People think you’re artificial and stuck up

Have you ever been accused of having RBF? Please share your stories below!

Top 5 Favourite Spring Lip Colours

Rimmel London Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour In 730 Make Your Move - £6.99
Make Your Move is the darkest lip colour I’ve included, now I'm not much for nude brownish lip colours but there's something about this lip colour. This one has more of a natural pink tone to it which makes it look like a really natural shade. This lip colour would not only look great during the daytime but also really suitable for an evening out. This lip colour is extremely pigmented and is really smooth and not sticky at all. Just like it says in the title it lasts really well! I don't find myself needing to constantly be re-applying it at all!

Rimmel London Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour In 310 Little Minx - £6.99
Little Minx is a really deep, bright pink colour that I think looks great during this transitioning period into Spring. I personally think that it's a really neat colour to wear out during the day and also out at night too! Like 'Make Your Move', this lip colour is also extremely pigmented, really smooth and non-sticky, and it also has some serious staying power!

MUA Makeup Academy Matte Lipstick In Peachy Keen - £1.00
This lipstick is a really beautiful peachy colour which I think looks especially well on people with a cooler complexion. Personally I have a warmer complexion but I think that this looks really great during the Spring time! This lipstick is matte and lasts really well, however, I do recommend either exfoliating your lips beforehand or liberally applying lip balm first because this lipstick (like most other matte lipsticks) dries out your lips quickly and it is quite noticeable.

Makeup Academy Lipstick In Persian Rose - £1.00
Persian Rose is a really bright, neon, 'out there' pink! It applies really smoothly and has a lot of blue undertones to it, which I think would suit people with a cooler complexion best. I don't often see myself gravitating towards it as an 'everyday lipstick' but is really pretty when worn occasionally and additionally it really makes your teeth stand out!

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss In Afternoon Tea - £5.99
This lip gloss is a really light, sheer, subtle pink colour and is definitely my 'go-to natural lip product' of choice. It applies really smoothly, however it has a sticky feeling too it but it's definitely a must have essential!

Swatches from top to bottom: Make Your Move, Little Minx, Peachy Keen, Persian Rose, Afternoon Tea

What is your favourite go-to Spring lip colour?

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review & Demo

Hello, lovelies!

So a while ago I took a quick little shopping trip with my younger sister, and of course we ended up in Lush like we pretty much always do.

I've seen everyone on social media go on about how wonderful Lush's "Unicorn Horn" bubble bar is, so I figured it was time to jump on the band-wagon and try it out for myself. Not only is it utterly adorable but it also smells really refreshing too.

The first thing that hit me was the very distinctive lavender scent, which although I must say lavender is not my forte, it's definitely a very good "wake me up" scent, which works well in the mornings and at also at nights to calm you down and relax.

Now I hate to be negative but... For me this bubble bar definitely wasn't Lush's best bubble bar when it comes to the amount of bubbles it actually produced. I'm uncertain whether I just got "the bad batch of the bubble bars" but honestly I can say there were hardly any bubbles and to me it felt more like a bath bomb than a bubble bar.

Something I had noticed about the product straight away was that it turned my bath water a very sweet light pink colour. Something that took me by surprise was the fact that there wasn't much glitter or shimmer to my bath water, however when I picked up the actual bubble bar itself my hands were covered in shimmery flecks.

Overall, I found this bubble bar "alright". It was definitely a relaxing, soothing bubble bar and a very attractive bubble bar, both in and out of the tub. For the price of £3.25 I think it's one of Lush's better value bath products as a little will go a long way.

I would recommend this product for people to try if they wanted to and although I do understand the hype over this product, I think next time, if I saw this in store again, I probably would not repurchase it!

If you've tried out Unicorn Horn before then please let me know what you're thoughts and opinions are on it in the comments!

I'll see you next time, then.

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